Ideas with IMPACT

2023-24 Civics Podcast Grant Final Report Form

If you received an Ideas with IMPACT Civics Podcast Grant during the 2023-24 school year, please complete this form and upload copies of all receipts associated with this grant by Friday, May 2, 2024. You must also submit media files of your podcast - at least one episode uploaded with your narrative report. 

Podcast Grant Report Link

Receipts must be uploaded onto your Pexcard account page or Pexcard App. All images must be clear, with date of purchase, name of retailer, and all amounts clearly shown.

Pexcard Website Link

If you have any questions or need help uploading your receipts, please email the Ideas with IMPACT Program Director by clicking here.

Thank you to The Lynn & Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation for their generous support of our Civics Podcast Grants.